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St. Andrew's, or St. Athanasius as it was originally called, was established in 1844 as an Archdeaconry Mission.Without a church building during the 1800's, the Mission community had to avail themselves of various locations for worship services. These included private homes, the Grand Army rooms of the American Legion, S. Deyo & Son's Department Store, and under the Village Hall. The Village Hall became the Opera House, and more recently, Barnaby's Loaf & Tankard.

Between 1906 and 1912, with the influx of Episcopal families of engineers working on the New York City Aqueduct, land was acquired and the present church structure was built on the corner of Main and Oakwood Terrace. The church's cornerstone was laid on November 30th 1909, and the name changed to St. Andrew's.
The vicarage was built in the late 1920's, and in 1949 an addition was added to the church allowing space for a sacristy and a small chapel or office.


1844      Archdeaconry Mission established in New Paltz and called St. Athanasius.

1873      Enough of a community to petition the diocese to be recognized as an official congregation.

1902      Services were being held in a room in the old Village Hall building now known as Barnaby's Loaf& Tankard.

1906     Under the ministry of the Rev'd  Eli Sutcliffe, the congregation numbered 72 communicants and the prospect of a church edifice materialized.

1909     The church's cornerstone was laid on November 30th and the name changed to St. Andrew's.

1918     The church debt was finally paid and the mortgage burned.

1922      Bishop Herbert Shipman consecrated the church on May 4th.

1923      The Rev'd Frank Wilson started the Mission Sunday School.

1928      The Vicarage was built during the incumbancy of Rev'd W.F. Brown.

1937      Ben Matteson, a parish member, became director at the New Paltz Normal School.

1943      St. Andrew's congregation numbered 114 persons; five young men from St. Andrew's were in the Armed Forces; George Oates, Lewis Ackert, Silas and Ben Matteson, and William Smith

1946      A new furnace, costing $625, was installed in the church.

1948      Canterbury Club, a club for college students, was organized.

1949      An addition was added to the church, allowing space for a sacristy and a small chapel or office.

1956      The Diocese of New York financed a complete redecoration of the Vicarage.

1960      Tom Pike, a college student, entered Yale Divinity School, becoming the 1st such person to be sponsored by St. Andrew's.

1963      Appointment of the Rev'd Frederick Wandall as Vicar at an annual stipend of $4,500.

1966      Diocese of New York purchase the John Kopper House to be turned into a parish hall.

1968      Advisory Board approved the erection of new vicarage on the Cherry Hill site, plans made to rent the vicarage for $135- 150  month.

1969      St. Andrew's provided a place for the Foundation for Religious and Mental Health under the directorship of The Rev'd Ralph F. Fogg.

1970      Father David Arnold became St. Andrew's Priest Administrator during an interim period.

1971      Congregation endorsed the shared ministry of The Rev'd Ralph F. Fogg and The Rev'd Daniel Welty.

1975      The revised Book of Common Prayer was introduced into the church.

1979      Larry Borzumato became St. Andrew's coordinator between the clergy and congregation.

1981     Conversion of the Vicar’s office into the Chapel.

1983     Mother Maria Aris-Paul was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest at St. Andrew's on June 25th.

1986     Father Fogg became St. Andrew's Priest-in-Charge

1989     The renovation of the Undercroft was completed by July 20th; a capital funds drive raised $38,602 from 36 pledges.

1994     St. Andrew's celebratesd its 150th Anniversary on the weekend of October 7, 8, and 9th.


The Rev'd G. NICHOLAS 1901
The Rev'd GEORGE DEYO 1903
The Rev'dC.M. HALL 1904
The Rev'd R. LANDSBERGER 1904
The Rev'd ELI D. SUTCLIFFE 1906-18
The Rev'd GERALD H. LEWIS 1918-20
The Rev'd ALFRED R. HILL 1920-22
The Rev'd FRANK R. WILSON 1923-25
The Rev'd FREDRICK L. BRADLEY 1925-27
The Rev'd W.F. BROWN 1928-36
The Rev'd ALEXANDER A. FRIER 1936-39
Mr. William Ridgeway (later a Priest of the Church) conducted services as a Lay Reader while a student at SUNY New Paltz. The Rev'd ST. CLAIR VANNIX 1939-45
The Rev'd J. MARSHALL WILSON  1946-56
The Rev'd GEORGE A. DETOR  1956-59
The Rev'd R. DUDLEY BENNETT  1959-63
The Rev'd FREDERICK WANDALL  1963-67
The Rev'd DANIEL I. WELTY  1970-84
The Rev'd MARIA M. ARIS-PAUL  1984-86
The Rev'd RALPH E. FOGG 1986- 2000
The Rev'd F. ANTHONY CAYLESS 2000-2006
The Rev'd ROBIN JAMES 2014-present